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The fares calculated by the fare calculator are based on Regular 4 Passengers Vehicles .​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Taxi Services Clarifications

​By law, taxi drivers are required to turn on the taximeter for all special trips, and the fare is determined by what appears on the meter. The driver may add surcharges to the fare - see the section on extra charges. The passenger may choose how the taximeter should be operated, either as a meter or with a flat fare.

Journey By Price List

On out of town trips, for passengers demanding to know the cost of the trip in advance, the driver will quote a price from the pricelist prepared by the Ministry of Transport and which is installed in the taximeter.

Journey By Taximeter

​By law, every special fare journey requires the operation of the taximeter.

Waiting Charge

While the taxi is waiting, even when the meter is not running, the passenger may pay an added surcharge to the fare.

Passenger Baggage

Driver may add extra charge for extra luggage. Transport of Freight : The cost of transport of goods that are not baggage, is not regulated.

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